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About Us

New Zealand map illustration. idfi is owned and operated in New Zealand.

idfi was created about four years ago by a group of kiwi boys. We are committed to quality, friendly service, fair play and growth through innovation. IDFI (information Identification) Like many start-up businesses Covid has had a major impact on development and growth. Four years later our original vision has a different look but our goals remain the same.Take a look at our offering and join us as we navigate the next part of the journey finding new ways to help people.  

 Our goals

  • Serve the places we live in, whether that is social, environmental or community, we want to make a difference.
  • Progress through innovation. The tagline smart systems is a guiding principle as to how we run the business. Investing in research and development to improve current products and create new products puts idfi on the cutting edge of innovation.
  • Invest In people. With what we are given we are committed to making a difference to those around us, to the less fortunate or those needing support.

Help us with our goals

The more support we get on our journey the more we can achieve.

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Thank you from the idfi team