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Drive Safe & Co2e


Monitoring and Recording Driving Behavior 

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Core Problems

Driving is one of the most dangerous things people do on a daily basis. Drive Safe can help, By capturing real-time driving behavior, analyzing the data and making recommendations on how to improve Drive Safe helps to save lives. Fuel cost are currently sky high and going up. By implementing Eco Driving methods from Drive Safe fleet managers can save up to 15% on fuel cost.

Drivers are the number 1 cause of accidents. We can identify risky drivers and
coach them. 
Real time alerts and notifications of accidents and poor driving behavior
We have a management portal that records all of the driving events and performance.

The Solution

       DriveSafe and Management Portal for Fleet Operators/Managers  has 2 elements : Smartphone App for Drivers  

Drive Safe

DRVR has developed an application which monitors driving behavior using a smartphone as a sensor  


    • gamification system that awards good drivers – we can partner with local companies to provide prizes and special rewards

    • We use sensors on smartphone to detect driving events:

    • Speeding

    • Harsh Braking

    • Rapid Acceleration

    • Phone Usage

    • Collision Detection



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