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GPS - Fleet & Asset Services

The GPS tracking platform combining mobile resource management offering an all-in-one solution
The combination of our intuitive user platform, advanced tracking, management hardware and a cutting edge multi network sim, gives us a tracking management system with the X factor

One Platform - Two Apps - All Industries 

The X-GPS Platform and App can deliver any business requirement including fleet security, fuel management, cold supply chain, last mile delivery, driver identification, work orders and more.

Sophisticated enterprise solution combining PC & Mobile platforms to support management and employee requirements for good practice, accountability and compliance.

X-GPS APP'S are available on iOS and Android allowing you to track assets and employees, whilst helping to promote a safe and secure environment. 

Mobile intelligence plan tasks and routes, transfer data, take and send photos, report visits, all from the online app. Any data gathered during the day, week or month can be analyzed at a later date if required.

Real Time Tracking

Keep track of activities from your PC or mobile device

From wherever you are you can always stay aware of what's happening. Be informed of important events and manage changing situations.

Track and manage multiple files- Filter them swiftly to find an available asset. You can group them into clusters for easy viewing on the map.

Accurate real-time positioning - The best mapping in the marketplace with modern methods of geo-location and real time data update.

360° street view and traffic - See low traffic routes. View streets and buildings in 360° at every point of the trip

Make History

Access and Playback Trips and Events

Trip browsing - View and compare trips on your preferred map to aid spacial perception. Highly optimized algorithms allow faster trip feedback.

Events and parking - Display parking, fueling, speeding and other events within a trip. Get detailed information with a click on the event icon

Trip statistics - Full access to information for each trip including length, duration, average speed and fuel consumption.

Eco Driving 

Monitor driver behavior, set parameters for each violation and get instant notifications to analyze results for any period

Eco Driving

Instantly learn about violations - Get SMS alerts or an e-mail to take immediate action. For example, if a driver exceeds the acceptable speed limit, a supervisor can receive an alert with the over-speed value and location on the map. Minimize risk to employees and the public. Fulfill health and safety compliance obligations.

Analyze information - Generate reports for analysis of driver behavior. Investigate critical values to support training or other required actions.

Parameter settings - Configure each parameter separately: speeding, excessive idling, harsh driving. Manage all settings within an easy intuitive user interface.

Fleet Maintenance

Service schedules and notifications

Keep your vehicles in peak condition. Create a detailed electronic servicing schedule

Schedule servicing - Easily create and manage fleet related service schedules. Identify servicing by date, mileage or engine hours.

Manage servicing checklists - View and print the planned servicing list at any time. Group by vehicle types, fuel types and or departments.

Notifications - Timely reminders for scheduled servicing events can be sent by SMS, email or push notifications to the mobile X-GPS Monitor app. 

Driver Identification 

driver shift changes - work/rest schedule - car pool

When several employees use the same vehicle or you run a car pool model, The "Driver ID" feature allows you to monitor who's driving when and where. This translates into easy management of compliance, FBT, fleet requirement, calculations of employee's wage if required, driver work and rest requirements and specific driving behavior.


Real-time drivers control - Browse the widget to know which employee is driving right now and what time the shift change took place.

Shifts and work/rest analytics - Create visual reports with diagrams and tables. Identify the shifts and times that do not comply with regulations. Support good practice, employee health and safety and meet compliance requirements

Shift change notifications - Get instant notifications by e-mail or by SMS for all employee movements

Work Order Management

Easily manage mobile employees

Support your mobile workforce to work efficiently. Monitor the progress of critical time sensitive tasks. Automate and establish effective work processes within your mobile team

Sales representatives - Merchandisers - Service engineers - Drivers - Security guards - Couriers

Location Control - All location activities are archived and available for future reference.

Tasks - Send tasks to employee's smartphone app to manage and monitor schedules  

Work Loading - Via the X -GPS APP employees can update their progress throughout the day. This allows rescheduling or re deployment of tasks to other operatives. The 2-way communication feature between field employees and dispatchers provides easy effective job management.

Analytics - Review the results from each task/job to create accurate billing. Take into account travel time, arrival time, departure time fuel usage or whatever recovery objective meets your billing model.

Two apps, greater possibilities  

The success of business depends on effective communication with employees. Provide your colleagues with useful and intuitive tools to effectively manage everyday work. Enhance the productivity of your team and an increased level of customer service.

X-GPS Monitor app for supervisors and X-GPS Tracker app for employees

Field employee - The mobile application for the field employee is like a personal electronic assistant. It includes a clear visit list, convenient navigation tools for communication with the office during the day and an ability to quickly report on the work done. 

Operator - No need to waste time on calls and re-organising employees. An operator can effectively control personnel in the fields with situational monitoring. Our platform gives the ability to quickly find available resources, communicate and react quickly to a changing situation.

Supervisor - Utilize an easy-to-use task manager to distribute jobs among employees according to availability and distance. Leave comments to assignments and communicate with colleagues in a chat room to resolve sudden issues. Get reliable online reports for completed assignments, task forms, photos and other file objects.

Manager - The right management decisions are made on the basis of measuring key indicators. Our solution provides executives and managers with visual reports that will help evaluate the effectiveness of each division, subdivision or employee. The imanx platform helps support critical management decisions.

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Live Demo
Live Demo
  • Contact us to create a login
  • View live tracking
  • Live sensor informatics
  • Create reports from live data

X-GPS Tracker
X-GPS Tracker
for employees
  • Easily browse through everyday jobs
  • Share progress with the office
  • Show your working status
  • Enjoy paperless approach
  • Chat with team members
  • Enable a panic button for emergencies
Free mobile apps for field service managementFree mobile apps for field service management

X-GPS Monitor
X-GPS Monitor
for employers
  • Track current locations of any assets
  • Communicate with field teams online
  • Browse OBD data real-time
  • Get instant notifications about events
  • Assess field performance in seconds
  • Block engine remotely in case of theft
Free mobile apps for field service managementFree mobile apps for field service management